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The Band

Giles Lavery

Giles Lavery - Vocals

Giles' early band Dragonsclaw got the attention of Bill Tsamis via their interaction on Facebook, which soon led to a firm and long lasting friendship between the two.

Bill invited Giles to sing for Warlord in 2012 as a guest on "The Holy Empire" album and the live shows in support of the record (which resulted also in the "Live In Athens 2013" album and DVD release). He continued to work closely with Bill and Mark in the years since on extensive reissues of the Warlord catalog and all Warlord related business matters.

Giles also sings for legendary USA band Alcatrazz and is working with Guitarist Jack Starr on Jack's upcoming new solo album. 

Giles' involvement in the music business additionally includes the running of his artist management company GLM-Artists, as well as A&R for BraveWords Records and acting as a consultant for several other record labels.

Mark Zonder

Mark Zonder - Drums

Known in music circles as one of the most influential drummers in hard rock and metal history, Mark Zonder’s career in music has spanned more than three decades and a multitude of roles… From underground celebrity to progressive metal icon to drummer for hire to businessman.

While he began playing drums in grade school in Northern California, Mark established himself professionally when he formed the band Warlord in San Jose with guitarist Bill Tsamis in 1982 and migrated to Los Angeles.

With his underground cred firmly in effect by the mid-80s, Mark was recruited to replace the original drummer of seminal prog-metal outfit Fates Warning for their 1989 album “Perfect Symmetry.” In Fates, Mark moved from Metal’s fringes squarely into its center becoming a drummer whose style and technique influenced hard rockers worldwide.

Whether developing his own projects or lending his talents to the sessions or shows for which he’s hired, Mark always brings a combination of professionalism, creativity and musical sensibility to every endeavor no matter how big or small. To him, it’s about how his role can make the music the best that it can be.

“At the end of the day, it’s about how you as a musician can fit into any situation—a concert, a recording—and try to make it great,” Mark offers. “Just because you can play some crazy lick or riff, it doesn’t mean you should if it’s not right for the final product.”

Mark continues to be involved in session recordings as well as his own projects. Chief among them is A-Z, whose 2020 debut album featured his former Fates Warning band mate Ray Alder on vocals. The self-titled record is best described as a semi-prog, commercial hard rock album. The emphasis was on big hooks and tasty playing. The album was met with overwhelming positive critical and fan appeal. The second A-Z record is slated for an early 2025 release.

Jimmy Waldo

Jimmy Waldo - Keyboards

As an original member of cult rock band New England, Waldo tasted success via the AOR hit, “Don’t Ever Wanna Lose Ya.” And while New England ultimately wasn’t destined to last, Waldo and his cohorts weren’t done, forming the almost famous outfit Warrior, with polarizing guitarist Vinnie Vincent. On the precipice of a record deal, Vincent would abscond with his talents in the 11th hour, eloping to the KISS fold, leaving his bandmates in the lurch.

Ever resolute, Waldo and bassist Gary Shea formed Alcatrazz with wunderkind shredder Yngwie Malmsteen and enigmatic vocalist Graham Bonnet.

With Alcatrazz, Waldo and his brothers in music achieved success through 1983’s No Parole from Rock’ n’ Roll before Malmsteen departed for a solo career, ushering another young six-stringer, Steve Vai, continuing the group’s guitar carousel.

As the ’90s dawned, Waldo would work with Bob Kulick through multiple projects, lending his textural keystrokes to several cult records, before eventual New England and Alcatrazz reunions thrust him back into the rock ‘n’ roll limelight in the present day.

Philip Bynoe

Philip Bynoe - Bass

Three-time Grammy nominee and Emmy Award-winning bassist Philip Bynoe is a prolific recording and touring musician. Though best known for his work with virtuoso guitarist Steve Vai, Philip has played everything from heavy metal to R&B to classical, and has worked with the likes of Kevin Eubanks and “The Tonight Show Band,” Dorian Holley (of Michael Jackson), Slash (of “Guns n Roses”), Charlie Farren, and “Ring of Fire” with Tony MacAlpine.

Philip attended The Berklee College of Music in Boston where he studied with Wit Brown. Then he joined a cover band called “Flash” and began playing six nights a week in a local night club. 
He changed bands several times in the ensuing years. Eventually, Nuno Bettencourt of “Extreme” introduced Philip to Mike Mangini. Soon, he and Mangini were playing together in the "Rick Berlin Band."

It was Mangini who later got Philip an audition with Steve Vai. 
Philip landed the gig, recorded and did many world tours with Vai.

He received three Grammy Award nominations for his work.

In 2005, he received an Emmy Award for his work on the soundtrack for a remake of Reefer Madness. 
Philip continues recording, touring and playing out. His versatility keeps him in high demand with an eclectic range of artists. He also teaches bass and ensemble work at the L.A. Music Academy in Pasadena.

Eric Juris

Eric Juris - Guitars

Eric was born in Quito, Ecuador. He started playing guitar at the age of 12 and he was instantly attracted to heavy & progressive metal. He very quickly decided to go all-in as a guitarist and by the time he was 15, he was already making a name for himself on the local music scene.

After studying Jazz & Composition at the "Universidad de las Américas" in quito, Eric migrated to the USA where he graduated from the L.A. Music Academy in Pasadena, California. He then decided to move to Germany to further pursue his career as a guitarist.

Slowly but surely Eric made his way into the european metal scene and in 2018 he joined the polish heavy metal band "Crystal Viper".
In the following years, Eric toured all over Europe and worked with acts such as "David Reece", "Nevaria" and "Marta Gabriel". 
Fast forward to mid 2023, David Reece recommends Eric to Giles as a potential guitarist to record "Free Spirit Soar".

"After I got off the phone with Giles and I started listening to the demos he sent me I had a small panic attack" - Eric says - "Playing Bill's music is hard enough. Playing his music while trying to sound like him? Almost impossible." 

The guitars on the song "Conquerors" are the recordings that Eric did as an audition for Warlord after his first phone call with Giles. 
Eric left Crystal Viper in January 2024 and he continues to play and record as an on-demand session guitarist. 
Eric is also a well established guitar and music theory teacher.

Diego Pires

Diego Pires - Guitars

Diego began playing the guitar in the early 2000s as a young teenager. He was deeply influenced by metal and prog music. His passion for the instrument led him to dedicate many hours, days, and weeks to practice.

Quickly mastering his skills, he formed his first band, "Nomin," in 2002 and recorded their debut EP in 2004. He performed locally and regionally in Brazil, while also writing and producing songs for Nomin's second EP. Subsequently, Diego shifted his focus to teaching, working as a sideman, and furthering his music studies.

In 2018, he relocated to Germany to launch his career in Europe. Since then, he has been touring extensively throughout Germany and across Europe.

Diego met Eric back in 2021 and have been collaborating professionally since 2021. After having a good professional relationship for a couple of years, Eric recommended Diego to Giles as Warlord's second guitarist.  

Diego released his solo instrumental album, "The Unknown," in 2022. Additionally, he is a member of the brazilian power/prog metal band "Auro Control". 

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